Connect with your own Element

Connect with your own Element through one of our various workshops.  These are ever changing throughout the year and are always tailored towards different interests and skill levels.  We pride ourselves in offering a warm and supportive environment for all who seek to expand their consciousness through knowledge, so don’t be shy or do be…just don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity because of it!

OR.. if you are looking for a venue to host a workshop or class why not let Elemental Connections’ beautiful new workshop space play host…for more information please CLICK HERE or contact us via the website and we will get in contact with you via email ASAP..

To give you an idea of some of the great learning experiences you can have through Elemental Connections’ different workshops we have posted some information below about some of the topics that come up in the past…

Please note: these are old workshops so you cannot book for these ones.  However, if you are interested in attending a workshop on one of these topics, please send us an expression of interest via our contact us page and we will keep your details on file to let you know personally when we will be covering that topic in a workshop again allowing you first preference for a spot…If we get enough interest in one area we will organize a special workshop for that topic to make sure YOU, our beloved customers, are being well cared for and are given access and opportunity to expand your minds..

You can also add us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to stay updated with all our new and upcoming events and workshops.



Crystal Healing

Learn how to create your own crystal grid and how to use the energy of crystals to improve your own life.

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Learn how to use your sense of smell in order to improve your mood and health, create your own individual oil scent tailored to your own needs.

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Mandala Creation

Learn the sacred art of Mandala’s, conceptualize and create your own mandala

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Psychic Development

Learn how to tap into your own intuitive abilities in a warm and supportive environment.

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Card Reading

Explore the history of the cards, Learn the Acarna (suits), learn how to give basic intuitive readings, the basic card layouts and the common symbolism and meanings behind the cards Shop for a set of Cards through Elemental Connection…click here


Children’s Meditation Group

FINALLY it’s here…remember bookings are essential!

WHEN: Every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm start till approx 4.30pm

WHERE: Elemental Connection, 89 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba.

CONTACT: Phone 3390 2209

COST: $15 per child and $10 for any additional children in the family.

Tai Chi

Start your morning off in the best way possible…remember bookings are essential!

WHEN: Every Tuesday morning at 10:30am

WHERE: Elemental Connection, 89 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba.

CONTACT: Phone 3390 2209

COST: $25 per person